Glittering Collection is a trendy community with the concept of 'Everyone is an artist'. The art works you have at your fingertips can be re-created by community artists on the platform and community of Glittering Collection and evolve into NFT products with more artistic and commercial values.

In this community, each participant can contribute his or her own artistic creativity, whether it is original or re-creation, to make the work generate new values. In addition, because of the traceability of blockchain technology, all original authors who contribute artistic talents will receive more copyright revenue in subsequent derivative works thus to make the diversification of art more significant. As reflected in the ancient eastern philosophy, light generates outlines, variety stimulates inspiration, the elephant can be invisible, and creativity can be infinite.

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In the Glittering Collection Art Palace

Glittering Collection is a limited edition NFT collection or unique digital collectibles thriving on the Ethereum blockchain. Owning GCSD tokens will grant you an exclusive membership and access to a luxurious art palace.

In the art palace of Glittering Collection, you can lock the coordinates, display and establish your unique artistic image in the digital parallel world, and attract more followers.

The Glittering Collection Totem series explores the spiritual power across the time dimension from the oriental culture, and seeks inspirational totems from the universal values. It interprets the magnificence of the prosperous era and expresses the love of all living beings. No matter how time changes, universal love will be passed on forever.

The Collection

The Glittering Collection Totem series follows the ancient eastern philosophical wisdom, dividing the totems in the art palace into four levels according to thematic elements as spiritual things, auspicious pets, auspicious beasts, and immortals which is the highest level. The higher the level is, the more scarce and the stronger of the spiritual energy can be. Simultaneously, the richer the color is, the more magic can be attached and the more spiritual power can be increased.

Members with more scarce totem NFTs will also have a higher right to speak for community autonomy.

The Glittering Collection will launch four totems according to the spiritual power of the temple, a total of 5,000. Once this type of totem is issued, the same type will no longer be produced.

Spiritual things

Auspicious things

Auspicious beasts


Immortals totem—— ChungKuel Total 200, Include special 50

The immortal ChungKuel, who drives away ghosts and disasters. His portraits are often hung on the wall to ward off evil spirits. The "yin and yang" of ancient eastern philosophy is also included in the creative concept of this "double-sided ChungKuel". Everything in the world has the way of yin and yang. ChungKuel is harsh on the one hand, shocking demons and ghosts.On the other hand he is gentle, blessing the peace of the years, highlighting the opposition of yin and yang, and conveying the principles of life. The overall color contrast treatment still builds a harmonious picture among the differences, showing how yin and yang is reflected and integrated in embodiment of fusion. The picture starts with the orange-green color that is the representative of the east, implying that ChungKuel is emerged from the oriental culture and continues to inherit the spiritual hopes of the ancients. From left to right, ChungKuel has gradually moved towards the world view along with the western Pop colors, from solemn to lifelike, presenting the oriental character of treating each other with courtesy, generously unraveling the divine power, exploring the common concern of eastern and western philosophies for the world, and releasing from the mysterious power of the east.

Auspicious beasts totem——Merloong, Total 800

In the eastern legend, once a carp jumps over the Loong-gate Mountain from the Yellow River, it will change into a loong. The ancients concretized the process of transformation and created a brand-new fish-like loong image, expressing their beautiful hopes for success. Through the work of recreating the process of the leaping over the Loong-gate, the nirvana rebirth with an enterprising spirit is created. Using the golden ratio to deconstruct the carp-loong and present it partially, the infinite possibilities of turning a carp into a loong loomed in the mind. In the first picture, the tail of the carp is as bright as fire, just like the enthusiasm burning in everyone's heart. The tail of the carp is statically bent, but it is full of infinite kinetic energy, and the transformation is on the verge.As the saying goes: "The good wind sends me to the blue sky with its strength." When the purple gas comes to the east, the carp's tail stretches freely, and the accumulated energy gushes out, bringing a double impact of vision and soul. The loong head rushes out of the boundary, then the power of hope will break through the shackles, just like our pioneers leading the innovation of the world, just as everyone transforming into a brand-new individual and achieving the self-actualization.

Auspicious beasts totem——Kirin, Total 2000

Kirin, the auspicious beast in myths and legends, the ancients believe that there must be auspiciousness wherever a kirin is found.The family will have good luck and evil spirits will be driven away. There is also a legend that when the five-color kirin descends, the earth is shining bright and hope is blooming.So the image of the work is blessed in five colors, and a series of extensions are carried out, using Pop Art to present oriental elements and present the rhythm of life. The five-color kirin corresponds to the five elements of Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth that divide everything in the universe in the eastern history. It derives the principle of everything. The love of the world is passed on to different individuals, empowering the trajectory of hopeful people, creating their own spiritual exploration path, and achieving self-realization.

Auspicious pets totem——Auspicious Elephant, Total 2000

The elephant, the auspicious animal, is endowed with auspicious meaning. Eastern philosophy extends the image as a part of the Eastern philosophical system as in Taoism, learn from the nature and embraces all. The rich and bright color scheme is the portrayal of the prosperity of the years. The elephant head pattern outlined by the gentle brushstrokes is fused with the western "Pop Art" style, reconstructed into a blooming flower shape, as if standing on a flowery plain.Far away, there is a sound like humming, and thousands of elephants carrying hope, come into view, roaming in this prosperous world. The tolerance and implicitness of eastern culture and the freedom and unrestrainedness of the west are in harmony. It is just under a flourishing age, all things are new, and universal love rushes through you and me.


Each Glittering Collection Totem NFT is a unique creation that is hand painted individually by our designers. Its color change follows the ancient Eastern philosophy. All 5,000 Glittering Collection Totems are programmatically generated from over 150 items and 16 attribute categories and stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. In order to inject more spiritual power into Glittering Collection Totem, our designers allocate special features, such as special colors, efficacious charm, magical instruments, etc. All 5,000 Glittering Collection Totems are minted from our website and distributed at a fixed price of 0.098 ETH each. No bonding curve or price tiers.

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Roadmap Activations

Twitter, Discord Cryptovoxel activation!
Sell out 10%
8 Glittering Collection Totems will be randomly airdropped to first 88 owners.
Sell out 30%
3 works will be awarded to the 1490th user at one time
Sell out 50%
The glittering collection will launch the platform development work for the secondary creation works that users can participate in
Sell out 70%
Glittering Collection Totem Open the second creation competition
Sell out 90%
Glittering Collection Totem Derivatives auction (creation of treasury),of which 1-5% of the proceeds will be used for community rewards.
Sell out 100%
Glittering Collection Totem Series of derivatives global tour (site selection of landmarks)

The Team

Alice - The Professor

The story and connotation expressed in each design are inspired by the spirit behind it.

Ariel-The Artist

There is hope in the heart, there is power

Agat- The Artist

Warm and splendid colors, bright but not irritating, as brilliant and dazzling in a prosperous age, yet embrace softness.

Peter Pan - The Artist

Round and soft lines, complex combinations, exquisite and smooth elegant atmosphere

Harry - The Blockchain-Master

The coolest thing in life is the courage to face hardship, The most trendy thing in life is to face the excitement of the unknown,

R2D2 - The Technocrat

Glittering Collection provides you with stronger spiritual energy and discover the beauty of hope.